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Save money with exchange prices

When buying spare parts you can save a lot of money, as long as you can stick to a few small rules. Besides the outright prices there is the option of exchange prices, especially for the more expensive items.

How does this work?

It’s actually quite simple: you exchange your defective part for the new one and pay the difference. And since even defective parts still have a very high material value, the price difference can be enormous.

How big are the price differences?

This can vary greatly from part to part and is therefore difficult to say, but anything from 2-18% is possible. With a brand new tube this can mean that the exchange price is 12.000€ less than the outright purchase price. This corresponds to the value of a small car.

What is important to know?

As long as the defective part was not damaged intentionally or through negligence or is destroyed beyond recognition exchange prices, if they exist for the respective part, are possible.

In addition, there is often a time limit that must be observed. These deadlines indicate the time in which the part must be sent to the supplier for the exchange price to be approved and are usually related to manufacturer specifications.

Any information about these deadlines should be obtained directly from the supplier. However, if you are given an exchange price but no deadline, it is always a good idea to ask again.

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