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Sensation vs Emotion


Emotion devices are significantly smaller than those of the Sensation series. It is not only the gantry itself that has smaller dimensions but space must also be created in the floor and outside the building for a Sensation CT. These additional requirements are related to the water cooling of the device which needs the right cooling hoses and an external cooling device known as a chiller.

So if space is limited an Emotion CT is the more appropriate choice.


As already mentioned Sensation CTs are cooled with a water circuit. This requires an additional cabinet which houses the pump and the heat sink (usually placed on the roof) outside the building. To keep everything connected hoses have to be laid which can be a quite complex task depending on the building.

Emotion CT, on the other hand are air-cooled and therefore do not require any additional external attachments or similar additives.

So why would you want a Sensation for the extra effort?

The big advantage of water cooling is that you can scan without a break. The cooling is so effective that the device never overheats when in working order.

An Emotion on the other hand usually needs a cooling break of 15-20 minutes after 10 consecutive scans at the latest and is therefore not suitable for facilities with a high patient volume.


Sensation devices also offer a significantly higher number of slices. You can choose between 4, 10, 16, 40 and 64 slices.

The Emotion devices offer 1, 2, 6 or 16 slices.

The top device of the Sensation series therefore has 4 times the number of slices of the top Emotion device and since more slices always bring a linear increase in performance you can scan 4 times faster with a Sensation 64 compared to an Emotion 16.

More information about slices can be found in our article “The benefit of more slices”.


The biggest price difference is always related to the slices of the device. Nevertheless Sensation CTs are usually more expensive. Both in terms of installation and maintenance.

The one exception is an Emotion 16, which can be a bit more expensive to maintain than some Sensation devices with 16 slices or less. The reason for this is the tube price.

An Emotion 16 is equipped with a Dura 422, which is more expensive than an Akron Q, which can be found in Sensation 4, 10 and some 16s.

From 40 slices up you will only find Straton tubes in Sensation CTs which cost considerably more than all other tubes.

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